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18 Jul 2019 08:41:31
First time poster, Coutinho in every way fits what Liverpool need in order to catch Man City. A big Marquee signing after a successful season is imperative. Look back over every close season after a successful season. A new player was brought in to freshen up the squad and provide a boost. Wages of players leaving and a unpaid remainder of fee make Coutinho good business in the current market. We need a playmaker Barcelona don't.

They need a defence and two players who like Xavi and Iniesta can retain possession. Fortunately (for every other team in Europe) those two are irreplaceable. In big games against our main Rivals Coutinho proved time and time again he could produce the goods. Just look back over his records against top teams. Our front three would thrive on what he brings to the table. All three's goal tallies would undoubtedly rise and Goal difference could well be what turns out to be the key in winning our First Premier League Title.

Just imagine how incredible our team would be potentially capable of scoring at will while not leaking goals to the same rate. Coutinho is one of the best players on the Planet but don't get caught up in why he is not wanted at Barcelona it's purely because they never needed him in the first place they needed Xabi and Iniesta type players to fill their massive midfield void. I'd actually say a back four an keeper too but that's for another day. If a loan deal is what's needed to remind Liverpool fans of how good he is then bring him back.

Within 10 games we would be pushing to bring him back fully. I think Klopp knows that there isn't many players like him out there. David Silva is the only other one in the Prem. Man City will miss him next season. But this is our moment to push on and win a second trophy two years in a row that's a difficult thing to achieve just ask Rafa. Coutinho is exactly what we need right now. QUALITY.

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18 Jul 2019 10:18:40
Hi all,

I was thinking about the CL comeback against Barcelona and the performance of Origi and Shaq. They both were very rusty due to lack of game time throughout the season, so can t really blame them for it. I see Cornet has been linked to us as back up to the front three, but with him being 22 (younger than both Origi and Shaq), I don t see it being any better for us or for him, as he hasn’t gotten more than 1200 min for Lyon, doubt he ll get more with out front three, thus he ll spend a lot on the bench, losing whatever good form he might have.

I was thinking as a back-up to our front three, a more experienced and confident forward who s played for a big team should be the one. Although he hasn’t been the best performer for Chelsea as a starter, at his age less minutes might be what Willian needs, as he has the pace, the work rate and the ability to cut inside from both wings.

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Leeds United v Manchester United Review 17 July 2019

17 Jul 2019 20:39:34
{Ed's Note - Spanishleeds has posted a new article entitled, Leeds United v Manchester United Review 17 July 2019

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17 Jul 2019 12:36:56
Over-sensitive post of the day, but did anyone see the small interview of Brewster during the CL parade? I don't think it got picked up on because it was only about 2 minutes long (I had the parade on all day which is how I saw it) .

Anyway, he was sitting there happily signing things being thrown onto the bus, answering the interviewer's questions and elimination a misplaced preconception I had of him that he was a bit too big for his boots, when someone else on the bus jokingly asked him how many minutes he got in Europe this year. He either replied "none" or something very minimal.

He genuinely looked quite upset by this question, and to be honest it seemed out of order asking that. So in light of his form in pre-season and the fact he's replacing Sturridge this year, I want to wish him lots of luck for the year ahead. I hope he gets game time, I hope he scores important goals and I hope in his next Liverpool parade he can answer a stupid question like that with "many".

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17 Jul 2019 10:41:09
So guys, what number will Mbappe be wearing for us this season eh? ;)

On another note, I’m curious as to how much has ball technology impacted the game. We hear about pitches getting better, players are better conditioned etc but what about the improvements (if any) on the balls used? I remember the ball used in the 2010 World Cup was said to be swerving too much in the air, and you get all these press releases on new technology on your Adidas, Nikes and what have you.

And lastly, would that have any impact on the free kick/ corner takers’ effectiveness, season to season?

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16 Jul 2019 19:08:36
Just watching stevie g's 100 prem goals. No doubt he was a top top top player. Great goals.

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16 Jul 2019 10:59:56
Andy Lonergan is joining the squad as cover for GK for part of pre season.

Do you think this is merely because we have so many injuries or are we looking at him as a potential replacement for Mignolet to go?

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15 Jul 2019 19:59:54
I don't think this has been posted before.

Roughly a year ago, we lost Emre Can on a free transfer to Juventus. How has that gone for him? I know the move pretty much guaranteed him a starting place but it looks like Juve are back in the market for midfielders. Would this put his place in the squad in jeopardy?

Do you think it was the right move as far as Emre is concerned? Obviously he'd (probably) have a Champions League medal to show for it if he stuck around.

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15 Jul 2019 14:24:48
If we are looking for a quality AM why don't we go get that curtis Jones. Looked a good player to me. Creative, keeps the ball in tight situations, always taking up positions to receive a pass and drives his team forward. Could also go get that Brewster too he's a predator in the box.

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15 Jul 2019 12:24:03
All this talk of needing new signings and not standing still is very true but IMO we should actively start promoting youth and give them a real chance at making at Liverpool. We could have the next Fowler, Owen or Gerrard in our own youth system. We should only be looking at a Major big money signing if one of the big players likes Salah or Mane leave and let the kids we have fill the gaps on the bench that people are desperate to throw millions at. Just my opinion and I’m sure a lot will disagree.

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15 Jul 2019 11:30:00
Apparently Bielsa was at the game!

Interesting to see who he’s keeping tabs on.

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14 Jul 2019 18:13:01
Okay so Reds .

Would you take Coutinho back if ‘somehow’ (most likely very difficult) Liverpool decided to cancel the debt that Barcelona owe them, in a deal to take the Brazilian back at Anfield?

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Formula 1: Britain Talking Points

14 Jul 2019 17:37:50
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Britain Talking Points

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13 Jul 2019 18:12:12
Looks like Fekir is off to a Betis then. Strange one for me as I thought he would go to s bigger club, no disrespect to Betis but he had clubs like Barcelona and us after him a year ago. A real shame as I still had wished of seeing him in our famous shirt.

Argh well, gutted!

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12 Jul 2019 20:33:42
Not a rumour more of a banter question.
Koscielny anyone? Sell Lovren and buy him? Just an idea. Make a few quid and also have a better defender.

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12 Jul 2019 13:50:24
big Virgil turns down Barcelona enquiry. Shows how far we have come.

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12 Jul 2019 12:07:11
Afternoon all.

Listening to Klopp after the Tranmere game last night it seems like we won't be buying too much this window.

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12 Jul 2019 05:22:22
Well come to think of it we don't actually need a signing at all.

We got keita and ox to cover midfield
Brewster shaq lallana for step overs on flanks
Origi for awkward celebrations when firmino ain't there
plenty of cbs with the best in the world.
One of the best gk.

And then plenty of youth.

Win the league and cl this season and then next year get mbappe and mustafi.

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11 Jul 2019 12:14:01
Apologies if this becomes a long post.

Few things that have baffled me on here with some.

1 - we need to replace Sturridge. We already did with origi. Sturridge was the go to man in the 1st half of the season. And was replaced as the go to man 2nd half of the season. So replaced 👍

2 - we need to add players or we are standing still. As I said origi will be called upon more. Shaqiri rarely got games towards xmas and beyond and has shown flashes of quality. Gomez was injured most of the season and was really standing out. Ox showd his qualities and is returning. Keita only really played a few games still needed to settle he will now. Brewster has great promise, But because he's young some want money spent. Thank God we didn't buy a 1st choice right back or we'd still be on 5. So that's origi, shaqiri, Gomez, ox, keita and Brewster 6 players who will add more to what we had Last season 👍

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Rivalries 1: PSG V Marseille

11 Jul 2019 19:27:11
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Rivalries 1: PSG V Marseille

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