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25 May 2017 14:37:47
Alright fellow reds
I urge you all to sign the petition set up by Tony Barret on change. org to remove that poison dwarf Michael Owen from being the international ambassador for our great club after referring to the mancs as 'we' after the match last night.

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Middlesbrough Season Review

25 May 2017 13:31:55
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Middlesbrough Season Review

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25 May 2017 05:30:51
Team I would like to see for next season






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24 May 2017 20:25:24
I'm really excited about that Brandt guy. I hope we going to get him. Klopp could possible develope him into a dangerously good player.
I know what's been said in the past, that he don't wanna be a squad player. I respect that, but hopefully he's going to have plenty chance to play if he decide move to Liverpool.
I wonder if he is leaning towards moving to LFC this summer?

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24 May 2017 19:39:29
Anyone else see that half-time interview today?

Personally, my favourite possession was Linda Blair's in The Exorcist :p.

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24 May 2017 19:05:40
Sorry, but anyone thinking there is a witch hunt when it comes to Clyne need to start seeing the wood for the trees. He is getting paid a very substantial wage and simply does not deliver what is required from him.

Go and youtube the video he had made for his latest birthday celebration. The guy is so in love with himself and shows it on the pitch too.

Sentiment is one thing but even a blind man will be able to come up to any fan and tell them Clyne is not good enough
and will never be.

It is a fact that he is not willing to show the improvement required to wear the Liverpool shirt. Game in and out you see this guy zipping up and down the pitch with absolutely no positive outcome whatsoever.

I have seen improvement in Firmino, Lallana, Mignolet, Can, Origi, Lovren etc and we have seen the likes of TAA who will be able to leave Clyne in his dust.

Milner had in some way shown that he was willing to make the LB position work for him even if he was not up for playing there. Kept his mouth shut and got on with it.

If Clyne is still our no 1 RB for next season then we will not move forward. We need players who have desire not 'I am happy to collect my wage knowing I am no 1 for my position'

In with somebody at RB who can show that they are adept and have desire to improve. Have the fire in there belly like Emre Can has shown worthy of wearing the shirt.

Rant over.

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24 May 2017 18:56:33
The only reason Gerrard, Carra and Macca have gone out to Sydney is to get hug off Klopp!

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24 May 2017 13:42:02
Watching today's game, TAA excepted, I have to say the other youngsters (Woodburn, Wilson and Brewster) were quite disappointing. I know they are only young, but where is the desire to impose themselves on the game and take it by the scruff of the neck?

Players like Owen, Fowler, Gerrard, Mcmanaman and, dare I say it, Rashford were all doing it at similar ages. Today was a perfect opportunity to showcase their talents but their control and passing was woeful.

They won't get many more opportunities to shine once Klopp strengthens the squad and they did very little today against a very mediocre side to make him look at them again in the future, unless they improve big-time.

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24 May 2017 10:16:15
I’m interested in, for lack of a better word, the interest in Luan. There are a few reasons why he seems an unlikely target. Ed2’s told us about the problems with his ownership which would have to be sorted out before he joined us, that in itself isn’t the biggest deal but to go through all that trouble would suggest he’s very highly sought after. Looking at his history, however, he’s not the next big star to come off the Brazilian conveyor belt but a good talent waiting for a chance to show if he’s the real deal or not. Securing his signature seems like a lot of effort for what appears to be a speculative purchase.

The next thing is his position, I believe that Liverpool are short of a top class goal scorer (Studge could be it but who knows if he’ll ever be fully fit again) so I assumed that Luan was being looked at for that role but that’s not his natural position. I’ve read some of what Tim Vickery’s written about him and he’s variously described him as a false 9 or second striker (who can also play wide) . That puts him into Firmino territory which again raises questions, why bring in Luan when we already have Bobby? What would be his role? Perhaps he’s being considered as a straight back up to Firmino but again why would we go to so much trouble to bring in a backup?

Vickery does seem to rate Luan, in 2014 he praised his maturity, vision and natural ability and thinks it was his introduction in 2016 that made the 2016 Olympic Gold medal winners gel. Most recently he has talked about his clever movement and eye for a pass so if he comes there is every chance he will be a success but he doesn’t seem to meet any of the criteria we’re looking for as I understand it, left wing isn’t his best position and he’s not an out and out goal scorer.

There’s every chance that Klopp is a lot smarter than me and has identified a role that suits Luan down to the ground, after all Wiji has done well in a position we didn’t think he was suitable for last summer, but as a simple fan I’m not sure I get it. My guess is that he’s going to be a rotation forward adding depth to a front line containing Firmino, Origi, Studge, Mane, Ings, a new left winger and a couple of youth players. We do need more depth for next season but that seems quite excessive.

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Sunderland Season  Review

24 May 2017 09:39:36
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Sunderland Season Review

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23 May 2017 18:33:16
My two cents on the Sturridge topic. It would break my heart to see him represent any other team. On his day and when he is fit he is the best forward in the league.

I know he has struggled with injuries but it's a gamble we should take. We still have Ings to come back and Origi will get better.

I would invest the money in a left winger and two Full Backs.

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23 May 2017 15:25:25
Sturridge will stay next season. This is why we are targeting a player like Luan who is not a striker. He is similar to Firmino; a forward player who can play across the front line and most effective as a false 9.

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23 May 2017 14:13:25
I think we were discussing favorite game or moment of the season.

For me it has to be Coutinho away to stoke. He was ill lost 3 Kgs and was dropped from travelling squad on doctors advise. But he took his pvt to stoke asked to be put on the bench, came on at half time and won the game for us.

I just really love the commitment and drive from him.

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23 May 2017 12:36:21
Regarding Coutinho'scomments to ESPN Brasilia, I don't give any credence to what footballers say in the modern game anymore after Suarez signed a new contract and was in a Barcelona shirt a few months later. If Couts stays I'll be made up because he really is the main man everything goes through him. On the whole after Couts' positional change we build from the back through Matip who always looks to feed Couts. Clyne offers himself time and time again and Matip never utulises him. If he goes than I trust Klopp to buy a super player that fits the system. After the departures of Suarez and Torres I am not going to idolize any player. These guys are not Liverpool fans like us they are employees of the club whose priority is to secure their economic futures for themselves and their families, which I grudgingly appreciate. I implore you to stop the hero worship of these transitional employees. By the way at this juncture it would be remiss of me not to say that Nathaniel Clyne is one of the worst right backs I've ever seen in a Liverpool. He offers nothing going forward and I could wait 200 years and still won't see any of his crosss hit a Liverpool player. He is positionally woeful and the only redeeming feature is he has some great tattoos. If we get our money back on him I'd be astounded. I will say it again we need a new back 4. It pains for me to say it but I totally concur with Eds 001 in saying that Matip is suspect and really not as good as most Liverpool fans think he is. My girlfriend is more vocal when we make love and i'm a crappy lover. He loses concentration repeatedly but to be fair playing alongside Lovren can't help your game. I know it's impractical to change the back four but that's exactly what this team needs. We gave a pathetic and forlorn Boro team three golden chances to score which is lamentable. My glass is half full though because I think now is the beginning of something beautiful at Liverpool FC. Which will culminate in Stevie G taking over the mantle within 3- 5 years. Klopp will make us a super power once again like we were under Rafa!

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23 May 2017 11:44:31
Ambitious team for 2017/ 2018 season:

Clyne-----Matip-------Van Dijk-----Mendy

Bench: Karius, Gomez, Lovren, Gini, Can, Lallana, Studge

Greizman - £85m
Keita - £25m
Van Dijk - £50m
Mendy - £20m
Total = £180m gross spend.

{Ed001's Note - ambitious? You mean ludicrous.}

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24 May 2017 02:46:37
Liverpool don't have that level of money for transfers, in addition Greizman would cost in excess of £200,000 per week. Again, Liverpool don have have that level of money.

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23 May 2017 11:29:25
"Stay here and they will end up building a statue in your honour, " Coutinho told ESPN Brasil.

"Go somewhere else, to Barcelona, to Bayern Munich, to Real Madrid, and you will be just another player. Here you can be something more.

"I have a long contract with Liverpool. Speculation is for journalists only. "

Sleep easy fellow reds.

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23 May 2017 10:57:21
with all this chat about what to do with Milner next season if a new left back comes in, and what to do with Clyne as he is playing poorly, why not move Milner to right back?

One of his main criticisms this season has been the fact that he always cuts back onto his favored right side, this would fix that. Now i am by no means saying this is the ideal situation but could be a useful stop gap while we integrate Trent AA into the 1st team picture

Let me know your thoughts.

Red Sandman.

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23 May 2017 11:01:21
Cedric, Matip, Lovren, Mendy
Gini, Can, Coutinho
Mane, Firmino, Brandt

Arnold, Gomez, Klavan, Juanma
Grujic, Hendo, Lallana
Origi, Sturridge, Luan

Sessegnon on loan.

Job done?

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23 May 2017 10:43:05
Nice to see big Phil stating publicly what he has been saying privately for weeks now.

"Stay here and they will end up building a statue in your honour, " - Coutinho to ESPN Brasil

It's rare to see a player for whom honesty is important.

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23 May 2017 10:43:29
Ousmane Dembele

Is that too much to ask? ✌.

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